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Curses in Literature 2: 'The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral'

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M R James - author of many classic ghost stories - has a rather good curse  in  'The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral'.

When I grew in the Wood
I was water'd wth Blood
Now in the Church I stand
Who that touches me with his Hand
If a Bloody hand he bear
I councell him to be ware
Lest he be fetcht away
Whether by night or day,
But chiefly when the wind blows high
In a night of February.
This I drempt, 26 Febr. AD 1699. John Austin.

The curse is found in an old carving in the church. The reference to 'water'd with blood' indicates that the tree from which the carving was made was a site of sacrifice - probably human as well as animal.

The complete text of this rather disturbing story can be found here.

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